Havana Club, Best Lights in its Display

Havana Club, Best Lights in its Display

Heritage & Traditions

By: Mercy Ramos / Photos by José (Tito) Meriño

Majestic 18 the Century columns shade the elegant patio that welcomes visitors to the Havana Club Museum, one of the must-go places for those (locals and tourists) seeking the best taste of Cuban rum.

Havana Club, Best Lights in its DisplayIn 2010 the Havana Club showcase, as it is now known to its more than one million visitors, is all decked out celebrate its first decade. The gong of a large beII welcomes the arrival of and announces the start of a tour of the facility and the discovery of the marvellous worId of rum-making, as it was made since the time of slavery in Cuba. During the tour of the large mansion that serves as the museum's venue, visitors can see- and even touch-freshly cut sugarcane, slave huts as there were on the plantations, sugar mills, steam and aspects of the processing industry.

There is also a large-scale modeI of a sugar plantation, made by Cuban artist Lázaro García Driggs, which includes a railroad network, sugar mills and all the essentials of the great sugar industry.

Some of the stages of rum production: fermentation, distillation, filtration, aging and final mixing are also explained to visitors. They will also learn the importance in the process of rum-making of a barrel- making workshop, where master barrel makers prepare the white oak barrels to accommodate the best of Cuban rums during the aging process.

The museum also boasts an exclusive bar where you can have a drink of the most famous and appreciated Cuban rum while standing in a room redolent of Havana’s famous 1930s. A bar-restaurant is available for those who are keen to sample the different varieties of Cuban rum, as well as cocktails and typical Cuban dishes.