Havana Club, innovation as a premise for development

Havana Club, innovation as a premise for development

Heritage & Traditions

Havana Club is an internationally positioned brand that enjoys great success and recognition among the highest echelons of spirits in the world, achieved by undeniable product quality thanks to the work and expertise of the Cuban Rum Masters, as well as the company’s innovation.

This has ensured a sustained growth based on the company’s ability to offer unique beverages, unique in terms of their production processes, which provide the consumer with truly remarkable sensory experiences. A clear example is the limited edition Tributo collection, launched for the first time in 2016. Each new release (six with the 2021 launch), has seen a totally different product from the last, with a distinctive sensory range, demonstrating the innovation, development and dynamism of Havana Club, pride of the Cuban rum industry and pioneer in the use of the “finish” or final aging.

In addition to Tributo, other special editions have been launched, such as the Professional Editions for bartenders (A, B, C and D), created in collaboration with renowned Cuban and foreign bartenders and the Masters of Cuban Rum. Other innovative products have also been presented, which today form part of the brand’s standard range.

Havana Club, innovation as a premise for development

In November 2019, the company launched Havana Club Cuban Smoky, created from exclusive blends of aged rum bases in the aging cellars. Its uniqueness is given by one of its bases, which underwent a ninemonth “finish” in barrels that aged Islay whiskies. This gives the blend an elegant finish and provides its characteristic smoky note, subtle to the nose but intense and complex on the palate. Since its debut, this product has been well received in the Cuban market, but also foreign markets such as Canada.

In June of this year, in line with its strategy of innovation, the brand ventured to develop a rum also distinctive in its category: Havana Club Profundo, inspired by the Professional Edition D, which was very successful among bartenders.

Created at the Santa Cruz del Norte distillery by First Cuban Rum Master Juan Carlos González, Profundo stands out for its perfect balance between aroma and smoothness on tasting, achieved by a unique blend of aged rum bases with a higher proportion of aguardientes and a minimum amount of sugar.

Havana Club, innovation as a premise for development

Launched in 2020 in the German market, Havana Club Verde has been another of the Cuban rum brand’s great successes in recent months, with excellent sales results and acceptance. Verde combines the expertise of Cuban rum with the brand’s innovative spirit and versatility, combining for the first time our rum tradition with gin production methods.

Meanwhile Havana Club Cuban Spiced, the first spiced rum in our portfolio, has done well in the UK. Inspired by Cuba’s inherently tropical nature, Cuban Spiced balances the taste of sweet vanilla and aromatic spices with hints of juicy ripe guava, toasted coconut and fresh pineapple to add a new dimension and flavor profile to our rum.

Both Havana Club Verde and Cuban Spiced will be released in Cuba in the coming months and we are sure they will be pleasant surprises for the Cuban public, due to the unique characteristics of each, notably different from the other rums in the Havana Club portfolio.

Other launches are planned before the end of 2021. One in collaboration with the famed English rapper Skepta, who was involved in the production process with Maestro Asbel Morales, the main person responsible for this creation. This international cooperation has resulted in an exclusive spirit that will be marketed in very small quantities as a Limited Edition.

Havana Club, innovation as a premise for development

The joint venture Havana Club International S.A. was created in November 1993 by Cuba Ron S.A. and the French group Pernod Ricard, with the objective of developing sales at international level. It is the number three international rum brand in the world outside the United States, and worldwide leader in super premium and above