Marina Hemingway, the safest in the Caribbean

Marina Hemingway, the safest in the Caribbean

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By: Mercy Ramos / Photos by José (Tito) Meriño

The Marina Hemingway, a leader among marinas and nautical activities, is an important venue for many different events, including international regattas and other competitions, such as the recent Ernest Hemingway Billfish Fishing Tournament. Built in the early 1950s, the Marina Hemingway is located west of the Cuban capital and is considered the safest in the Caribbean, because it was designed to withstand heavy winds, swells, and even hurricanes.

Marina Hemingway, the safest in the CaribbeanIn an interview with Cubaplus, Roberto Salinas Ortiz, general director of the Residencial Marina Hemingway complex, explained that tidal highs and lows were taken into account for the marina's construction, and it was built parallel to the coast. This means that even when there are heavy swells outside the marina—including storms and hurricanes—the waters of its canals are calm, preventing any threat to docked vessels.

Moreover, the entrance to the marina is protected by a bend, so that the movement of the waves does not affect boats as they come and go.

Marina Hemingway, the safest in the Caribbean“It's often been the case that vessels sailing north of Cuba with other destinations have had to stay here because of bad weather or a breakdown, and we have received them and provided them with help,” Salinas said.

The marina has 404 berths in its four canals, which are five to six metres deep. They all have potable water, electricity, fuel, and communications services, making it possible to enjoy life on board 200 crafts. Yachtsmen and women are also provided with the possibility of accommodations in comfortable bungalows or hotels of their choice.

The marina has several restaurants serving Cuban and international cuisine, shopping centers, a Casa del Habano, medical services, a naval supply shop, and a pharmacy, along with other facilities.

Marina Hemingway, the safest in the Caribbean“We have just opened an aquatic park, and we have plans to increase the services and options available there,” Salinas said. These include reactivating its tennis and beach volleyball courts, soccer on the beach and everything else for enjoying the summer.

“The marina's raison d'etre is providing detailed services for yachtsmen and women, and we are engrossed in a number of projects to meet that objective, such as restoring our docks and modernizing our naval repair and maintenance shops and services in general, to provide our customers with an increasingly better-quality product. That way they will always have a safe port to put in when needed,” Salinas said.