Orchids, Magic Spell

Orchids, Magic Spell

Heritage & Traditions

By: Lucía Arboláez / Photos: Jorge Pérez

An artist finds his palette inadequate to their colors. As a gift, they never fail to please the feminine soul, nor for that matter, anyone with refined taste.

Their size varies from normal to the so tiny they are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, or even with a camera lens.

Orchids, Magic SpellOrchids form one of the largest families of plants, with 20,000 to 25,000 species, not including the large number of artificial hybrids extant.

In 2009 Cuba paid particular homage to this flower, an eternal source of inspiration for many, with an event that included scientific conferences, concerts, workshops, discussion panels, a live specimen exhibit ion, visual arts, photo and philately exhibits, as well as a photo contest.

At this National Orchid Fest ival, the Soroa Orchid Garden, in the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar del Río, presented an array of ornamental varieties, as well as a photo exhibit by different artists, and an exhibit of some of Cuban painter Jorge Duporté's pieces.

Sponsored by the Cuban Botanical Society and other important botanical entities in Cuba, the First National Orchid Festival brought together orchid growers and orchid lovers from all over the world.

Orchids form a family of their own (Orchidaceous), widely spread around the planet; 300 of them native to Cuba, usually found in mountainous regions. A new species of orchid was recently found in Camagüey (540 km east of the Cuban capital). Among the exceptional characteristics of this specimen, the most important may be that this is the f