La Pradera International Health Center

La Pradera International Health Center

Heritage & Traditions

The "La Pradera" International Health Centre was founded on November 1 st, is located in the western part of Havana, in a natural and revitalizing environment, only 15 km from the city centre and 25 km from the International Jose Marti Airport.

la-pradera-1.jpgThis year we celebrate the centre's 20th anniversary showing the achievements made in the field of specialized medical care as well as preventive, curative and rehabilitative medicine. Our centre offers several medical programs developed by multidisciplinary teams with high scientific standards and great professionalism, within which stand out:


  • Well-being and quality of life programs·Personalized neurological, orthopedic and cardiovascular rehabilitation programs, both comprehensive and intensive, for adults and children
  • Phonoaudiological assessment and therapy, including prosthetic devices and cochlear implants ·Early Stimulation program (Neuropoint method)
  • Assessment and treatment of lung cancer, non-small cells with therapeutic vaccines and CNS cancer with monoclonal antibodies
  • Hemodialysis on vacation' programs
  • Treatment of diabetic foot with Herberprot-P
  • Athletic deconditioning program for high performance athletes
  • Comprehensive medical checkups


la-pradera-2.jpgTo this date, we have treated patients from more than 60 countries from all continents. Our staff has progressively become qualified, resulting in a high scientific and professional level accredited by more than 45 Masters, 25 teachers, 6 specialized Doctorates, and numerous publications in medical journals, as well as participation in important national and international events related to today's daily life.

Over the course of the past 20 years, we have also developed and expanded our service areas to offer maximum facilities, comfort, accessibility, communication and security.

We have created a serious investment program to develop our medical technology, both for diagnosis and therapy, which has permitted us to have a new clinical laboratory and an innovative imaging and neurophysiological department.

In addition, we have an excellent centre of physical medicine and rehabilitation that combines natural and physical medicine with the newest information techniques and robotics This allows for maximum functional, emotional and social recovery of the patient in the shortest time possible, translating into the remarkable improvement of well-being and quality of life.

la-pradera-3.jpgNEUROPOINT METHOD a method to enhance childhood intelligence THE NEUROPOINT METHOD, an innovative method designed for the education, stimulation and enrichment of the intelligence potential of children between the ages 0-6 years. It uses neurobiological strategies and psycho-pedagogical techniques that guarantee early learning and diversification of childhood intelligence.

The method offers the family skills related to:

  • Neurodevelopment of Children
  • Stimulation Programs
  • Stimulation Tools
  • Information Units and Knowledge Categories
  • Intelligence Programs
  • Stimulation through Music and Massages
  • Language Assessment in all its dimensions


la-pradera-4.jpgDepartment of Logoaudiometry, Phoniatrics and Phonoaudiology: Offers the hearing impaired comprehensive care that is governed by the most stringent ethical, humanitarian, technological and scientific standards. Taking into account that each patient has different, particular hearing problems , the professionals provide case-by-case personalized attention and proper follow-up.

Diagnostic Studies

  • We provide a full battery of audiological tests for the detection and evaluation of hearing loss:
  • Tonal audiometry
  • Impedance measurement
  • Logoaudiometry
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Supraliminal tests
  • Selection of hearing aids


la-pradera-5.jpgOnce the audiological tests have been done and having determined the degree of hearing loss that the patient suffers from, the selection of hearing aids is carried out. This consists in the choice of the mold whose amplification features effectively correct or compensate the patient's loss of hearing.

Auxiliary technological aids and accessories Communication goes beyond person-to-person. It includes group situations, telephone, radio, television and different sounds that surround us.

To cover all these aspects there are different support devices that help solve hearing problems in specific situations. This contributes to the well-being of the person with a hearing impairment and increase the chances of developing and maintaining a life without limitations.

Cochlear Implants Our group of professionals is dedicated to the performance of the cochlear implant. This type oftherapeutic solution enables patients with profound hearing loss to recover their hearing. We carry out a pre-cochlear implant assessment ( a ud iological,spycholog ica 1,logophon iatric, neu rol i ng uistic and neurophysiological tests) and post-implant support (programming of the cohclear implant, auditory habilitation and rehabilitation and psychological and psychotherapeutic support). Surgery is conducted at the "Cira Garcia" International Clinic in Havana by a specialized otologic surgeon.

We provide the families of the patients with permanent support in the decision-making process, and obtaining achievements and benefits with the cochlear implant.