The Havana Club Icónica Collection

The Havana Club Icónica Collection

Heritage & Traditions

Forget about cocktails for a minute! The Havana Club Icónica Collection offers drinkers a refined way to enjoy high quality cuban rums.

The Havana Club Icónica CollectionDrinkers who love the passion, flair and quality found in rum cocktails can now explore a deeper, more sensual side with the game-changing rums of the Havana Club Icónica Collection. The super premium range of four truly iconic Cuban rums is crafted especially for sipping and savouring.

Each of the distinctive rums in the collection is an icon in its own right, rivalling some of the best spirits in the world. Together they are a celebration of the genuine tradition and heritage of Cuban rum, each one a rare and revered manifestation of the devoted work of past and present Maestros Roneros (the Master Rum Makers).

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, the rums of the esteemed Icónica Collection are ideal for ‘Sobremesa’ moments. Translated from Spanish as ‘over the table', this informal Cuban tradition sees a good quality rum passed around the table after a meal and enjoyed alongside vibrant conversation and fine cigars.

The Havana Club Icónica Collection includes four remarkable rums:

Havana Club Selección de Maestros: an exceptional triple barrel aged rum, crafted from the collective experience of Cuban Maestros Roneros, who together share a lifetime of expertise in making traditional Cuban rum - the ultimate expression of the collaborative spirit that runs through the heart of Cuban life

The Havana Club Icónica CollectionHavana Club Añejo 15 Años: a very rare and limited release (only fifty-eight barrels are created each year) of an extra-aged rum; the result of a truly unique and incredibly precise scientific approach

Havana Club Unión: the newest addition to the collection, a truly unique rum, deeply rooted in Cuban culture and heritage, created to perfectly match the smoothness of Cuba's other famous product, the Cohiba cigar

Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo: the condensed soul and supreme expression of Cuban rum, handcrafted from rum reserves that are amongst the finest and oldest in Cuba

All the rums in this luxury range are a delicate and unique expression of the art of rum making. They are crafted by our Maestros Roneros, who each spend at least fifteen years training to learn this complex art - the process of distilling, aging and blending premium rums, which is passed down through generations from one Maestro Ronero to the next. All the rums carry the Havana Club name, a byword for devotion to Cuban culture and guarantee of commitment to the genuine tradition and absolute quality of Cuban rum production.