Time Travel In Havana

Time Travel In Havana

Heritage & Traditions

By Heidy González Cabrera Photos Roberto F. Campos

WaIking on cobblestone streets, hanging gas streetlights, turned wooden balusters, lacelike grilles, could time have played a trick? Could you be back in the town of San Cristóbal de La Habana?

You stop and become ensnared at the threshold of a very special store. Everything within reflects the charm of colonial romanticism: the comadritas, the small rocking chairs for sitting and peering out at the street, the iron candelabras, the albarellos, white ceramic vases, and other traditional pieces.

Time Travel In HavanaThat is the magic of this spot in Old Havana, a place to purchase beautiful and distinguished pieces of history.

The Colecciones Habana - Havana Collections store is located at 13 Mercaderes Street in Old Havana. Visitors can find attractive reproductions and articles inspired by the murals found in colonial homes or the cigar brands of the 19th Century Honradez factory or very specially designed furniture of recent and polished production in the classic style.

One is captivated and forced to smile at the irresistible charm of the rag dolls lounging on the wicker chairs or resting against the back of armchairs.

Collectors and connoisseurs, both tourists and Cubans, are regulars in this place where they can choose from china, fabrics, carpets and other art items of true elegance.

The commercial practice replicates the environment of an exhibition gallery, with great attention provided to clients. A visit to Colecciones Habana is always in good taste and an opportunity to view the quality of Cuban artists and craftspeople.