The University of Artemisa is making history

The University of Artemisa is making history

Heritage & Traditions

The University of Artemisa, founded on the 11th of October 2012, has two campuses: the main one in the actual capital of the province Artemisa, and another in Alquízar, 1.5 km along the road between Artemisa and Alquizar. Since its establishment, this centre for higher studies has been led by the engineer Dr. Carlos Eduardo Suárez Ponciano, who, because of his drive and determination, has become known as ‘the vice-chancellor who makes dreams come true’.

The University of Artemisa is making history

What is the mission and vision of the University of Artemisa? Our institution’s mission is the training of professionals, government employees and technicians who will be able to work efficiently in revolutionary Cuba, with an impact on the sustainable development, both locally and nationally, through the management of knowledge, research and expansion. The vision is based on the training of professionals, government employees and technicians for the country’s development, which calls for the continuous training of staff in our faculty in order to increase the makeup of its academic, scientific and higher teaching ranks. Moreover, I consider that special attention is given to the connection between the university and companies, which comes to fruition through the management of knowledge, research and expansion in order to fulfil the requirements of sustainable development in the country, which in turn impacts on the economic, ecological and social aspects.

What careers are studied in the centre? The training scheme in our university takes place in four faculties: Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Business Studies, Education and Physics. The course modules are fulfilled by teaching in nine of the eleven university’s municipal centres. In addition, we rely on the orchidarium of the botanical garden in Soroa as a research centre, which is the only one of its kind in Cuba. This unit strengthens our institution by providing both an undergraduate and postgraduate teaching facility.

What conditions does the faculty possess in order to be a department of excellence in the future? The University of Artemisa is young, but has much ambition to succeed. Our faculty possesses great professional and scientific competence. Our teaching staff consist of 35 outstanding doctors disseminated throughout the various sciences of teaching - agriculture, biology and technology - as well as 245 masters and specialists in different fields of knowledge. It offers postgraduate syllabuses, two Master degrees, one in teaching and the other one in ecological agriculture and sustainable development. It has a total of 25 applicants with approved subjects for doctorate training, which will facilitate the gradual development of our centre.

Does the University have any working agreements with other institutions? Currently the centre has signed 22 collaborative agreements with prestigiously renowned teaching and research institutions, all of which are the outcome of carefully planned acts with international ramifications. The aforementioned agreements cover both a national and international framework, which will benefit the exchange of academic, scientific and social experience.

What are the University of Artemisa’s future plans? As a centre of higher studies it must guarantee a comprehensive training of university students; must implement policies and devise strategies for the continuing advancement in the quality of the basic procedures that develop; must conceive comprehensive and coherent actions that facilitate the drawing up of plans for improving and training faculty staff; it must guide the modus operandi in educational training for careers within the diverse courses and teaching stages, guaranteeing quality, and acting in response to the needs of the university and those of the country.

Plans are numerous, and without becoming too sentimental, so are the ambitions to succeed, and thus through our actions continue making history and sowing dreams.