Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival “In Memory of Guillermo Barreto”

Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival “In Memory of Guillermo Barreto”


By Giraldo Piloto Barreto

This coming March 7 to 12 will mark the 16th edition of an event that promotes Cuban cultural tradition, preserves its values and strengthens new talent - Havana’s Drum Festival - where over 1,500 artists gather every year, including dancers, musicians and artists .

The event will take place in various venues such as the Mella Theater, Mella Gardens, Avenida Hall, La Tropical’s Rosado Hall, Miramar’s Casa de la Música and the Riviera Hotel’s El Elegante Hall, bringing together key Cuban dance groups, jazz bands and musicians, the country’s most outstanding folk groups and relevant foreign musicians.

During this meeting, in addition to numerous concerts, lectures will be given, there will be exhibitions organized by several of the best plastic artists in Cuba, and international percussion skills contests will be held which will include the specialties of congas, timbales, bongoes and batá drume, in addition to Casino and Rumba dance competitions.

Among national and foreign guests this year will appear: Alexander Abreu and Havana D’Primera, Paulo FG and La Elite, Giraldo Piloto y Klimax, El Niño and La Verdad, Leonel Limonta and Azúcar Negra, Alain Pérez, Maykel Blanco and Salsa Mayor, Aldo Mazza (Canada), Mark Giulliana (USA), Will Calhoum (USA), Craig Haynes (USA), Memo Acevedo (USA), Manuel Moreno (Venezuela), Arnie Lang (USA), Dafnis Prieto (USA-Cuba), Per Mathisen and Hans Mathisen (Norway), Enrique Pla, Rodney Barreto, Oliver Valdés, Roberto Fonseca and Ramsés Rodríguez “El Peje”, Adel González, Dayron, Bombón (Pupy y los que son), Suena como se ve (Eduardo – JJ – Edgar Martínez), Yissy García, Juana Véliz (Anacaona), Nailé Sosa, Brenda Navarrete, Tomás Ramos, Yuly Greendrich, Grupo Síntesis, Santiago Alfonso Company, Yoruba Andabo, Explosión Rumbera, National Folklore Group, JJ Company, Malpaso Company and Raíces Profundas Company, among other artists.

Among the sponsors that make this event possible are: KoSA, Sabian, GonBops, Evans, Kalam Music, Pearl, Regal Tip, Promark, Brascuba SA, Palco, Habanos SA, Los Portales SA, Cubaplus, Havana Club, Cubana Airlines , Bucanero SA, EGREM, ARTEX, CNMP, CNEART, ICM, Riviera Hotel, RTV Commercial, Casa de la Música Miramar, Paradiso Agency and Embassy of Norway.