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A Matter of Style

A Matter of Style

Style in dressing is also part of fashion. In this issue we give you a glimpse of talented and popular Cuban singers who donrsquo;t just follow the market trends, but instead dress to look good before their audience, always influenced by their personalities and stage performance.

A Matter of StyleThey have one thing in common. They all have been winners at the most important Cuban music festival, the International Cubadisco Fair, celebrated each May in Cuba.

David Blanco
David plays with a casual and urban style that his young followers imitate. Behind the rebel boy image is a solid educated musical talent, who for years has been leading a renovation movement in Cuban popular music by creatively mixing Cuban classic styles and genres with rock and Latin jazz.

A Matter of StyleHe likes to hang out at La Piragua, an open air square next to the emblematic Hotel Nacional and the sea, where he meets his friends from the Havana-Harley Club. He likes to venture into new projects. Together with his brother Ernesto, also a musician, he has modeled for the Natural Cuba fashion line.

Diana Fuentes
Her feminine and delicate presence is instantly captivating. Then, on stage from the first notes, her voice fills the space with magic. Her favourite place is the historic center of Old Havana. She thinks it is there that the true essence of the city lies; the one everyone loves and enjoys.

A Matter of StyleFor Diana, fashion is a matter of good taste and ingenuity. I wear what suits me, with a touch of the vogue of the moment."

Charismatic, outgoing, and cheerful, she shows all of her temperament on stage, together with her sensual and well-pitched voice.

Her favourite spot is the Old Square in Havanarsquo;s Historic Centre with its museums, fountain and people. She likes casual styles with a bit of glamour onstage.

Aned Mota
A Matter of StyleSinger, songwriter and producer, he is a lead singer in the popular salsa band Charanga Habanera. A lover of classical and traditional Cuban music, he combines retro and modern elements.

He frequents the famous Old Havana restaurant, La Bodeguita del Medio, to have a good mojito and listen to great Cuban traditional tunes.

He likes being well dressed and always seeks elegance in his presentation. We owe it to ourselves and our demanding audience. Being careful of our image is also a way to give the best."

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