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Cubadisco 2015 The Islands Discography Festival

By: Photos: Courtesy Cubadisco
Cubadisco 2015 The Islands Discography Festival

The 19th International Cubadisco Festival, which will take place from May 15 to 24, will welcome Russia as the Guest of Honor, and among the personalities and institutions that will receive honorary awards will be Moscowás Tchaikovski Conservatory.

Cubadisco 2015 The Islands Discography FestivalThis yearás edition of Cubadisco will be dedicated to symphonic and choral music. For many years both of these musical genres have been appreciated and supported by the most distinguished intellectuals. In addition, organizations for the promotion and development of these genres have been created over time.

The Revolution protected the cultural ambience, and going back to as early as 1960, both the Choral Society and National Choral were created, the latter being a progression of the Polyphonic Choir conducted by Serafín Pro, and which today continues directed by Digna Guerra. In the case of the Santiago Choral Society, thanks goes to maestro Electo Silva for its existence.

Other prestigious Cuban orchestras are those of Santiago de Cuba, Camaguuml;ey, Villa Clara and Matanzas. Recently that of Holguín was created and others are being worked on.

Cubadisco 2015 The Islands Discography FestivalOf great help and support has been the Symphonic Music Development Program which has been in place since 2004. Sponsored by the Cuban Music Institute and the National Concert Music Center, it has stimulated the development of symphonic music in the whole country.

Choral music has also had its Development Program, which has helped bring about an explosion in the Cuban choral movement. All the provinces have professional choirs, as well as an amateur movement which focuses on childrenás choirs where thousands of kids can express their vocation, turning into an embryo of future singers and a public with knowledge and expertise.

In all the art schools in the country there are choir and orchestra groups of a high artistic level, headed by prestigious composers. In conjunction with professional artists, they promote Cuban composersá works.

Cubadisco 2015 The Islands Discography FestivalCubadisco is proud to dedicate its 19th edition to symphonic and choral music, where each province can demonstrate its strength in genres that express a high cultural level of the people, something few countries can do.

Participants at the Cubadisco 2015 Festival will include well-known musicians and specialists, both Cuban and foreign, representing all artistic expressions and music types, from academic to traditional folk music.

This time we will be able to enjoy the most universal symphonic and choral compositions and, especially, Cuban creations. The Cuban Center of Research and Development will organize the International Symposium and the National Museum an exhibition of cultural heritage pieces.

The Cubadisco Award, a contest with diverse categories, has recognized and promoted the quality of phonographic and audio-visual production, both Cuban and foreign since 1997.

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