CUBADISCO, A Real Cuban Music Fiesta

CUBADISCO, A Real Cuban Music Fiesta


The 17th International Cubadisco Fair takes place in Havana from May 18 to 26, 2013, and is dedicated to young people, concert music, and the violin in classical, traditional and popular music. An orchestra of more than 100 violins will bring together several generations of Cuban musicians.

CUBADISCO, A Real Cuban Music FiestaAs they do every year, national and foreign artists will perform in almost 100 concerts, including a historic encounter between two traditional Cuban music bands: the Orquesta Aragón and the Original de Manzanillo. Other shows will feature some of the country's top salsa and dance music bands, such as Los Van Van, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Other performances will feature young jazz musicians, rappers, rockers, and rumberos, with a fusion of diverse music genres and other arts, and the participation of past and present Cubadisco award nominees and winners. International artists from different countries will be an additional attraction for concert-goers.

CUBADISCO, A Real Cuban Music FiestaAs always, the program includes award ceremonies, press conferences, concerts by the National Symphonic Orchestra (Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional) and choral groups, children's activities, jam sessions with jazz musicians, Cuban country music parties (guateques), Afro-Cuban dance and percussion workshops, and an annual international symposium on issues related to the culture industry.

A special gala will be held: Cuba: Música-Moda (Cuba: Music/ Fashion), featuring the latest concepts in art and fashion and their relationship to different genres of Cuban music, in harmony with the three principles upheld by Cubadisco: music, image and sound.