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Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.

By: Mercedes Ramos / Photos by José Tito Meriño
Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.

Young singer Daniel Martin is extremely proud of being a Cuban and every time he steps on a stage he feels great satisfaction. With each of his performances he spreads the music of his beloved island.

Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.When this talented Cuban singer began in the music world he was just a child, probably never imagining that years later he would become a leading example of his country's music. My first recordings", said Martin in an exclusive interview with Cubaplus, were at the age of three. However, I studied painting and became a model and actor before turning my focus entirely to singing".

Very talkative and outgoing, Daniel is also an excellent communicator. He speaks with great passion of what is for him, his life and great love. I started my career on May 8, 1993, as a soloist in the children's choir of the Grand Theater of Havana, as part of the lyrical theater in operettas like lsquo;The Olivesrsquo;".

Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.For four years,I performed in musical theater until I decided to work only as a composer and singer. In 1998, I joined the lsquo;Chicos Latin Poprsquo; band. It became my school and was a great learning experience because it was there that I had my first experiences as a musical director and producer."

It was not until 2003 that Daniel decided to start a solo career with the song Fuego" which achieved great popularity for him in Cuba and the possibility of opening up to international markets. He has taken his art to more than 14 countries, including major tours to Europe and the United States.

This song made it possible for me to start the Buena Vista Social Club group concerts in Europe and share the stage with Madonna's production team in the Ice Hockey Stadium in Bratislava in 2007."

Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.Since then Daniel has kept growing as a songwriter to the point that Sony and Premium Latin Music record labels have used his works in their artists catalog. Invited once to the Latin Billboard Awards gala where he shared the stage with Latin stars like Mark Anthony, Marco Antonio Solis and Ricky Martin, the young singer claims that his greatest satisfactionwould be to have his work widely known across Cuba.

Martin also expressed his enthusiasm for the Cuba All Stars album nomination he received and the invitation to attend the 16th International Record Fair Cubadisco 2012, to be held in Havana from May 19 to 27. The album is a compilation of his work involving, among other singers, Grammy winners Teresa García Caturla (in 2004) and César López (in 2007).

His great voice and singing have made Daniel quite popular in quite a few countries, sending him to the top of the charts in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and in the Latino community in Europe.

Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.Right now I am in the middle of the production of a new album entitled Latin King with 12 songs that talk about human conflicts, love, heartbreak and other life problems."

The album should be released by June 2012; a tour including some major U.S. cities is expected. Its name comes from a nickname given to Daniel by the audience during his previous tours and is considered his most danceable album to date.

My plans include making a tour of 8 cities in Canada this summer. I love Canadian audiences because they are highly educated people who give a great welcome making me very happy in each concert."

Daniel Martin: Music is My Life, My Love, My Wife.I also want to make a national tour in Cuba. It's been a long time. I haven't done it and I want to bring my music not only to big venues, but also to the smallest corners of the island."

Passion is constantly present and characterizes Daniel's strong personality both on stage and in his personal life. Sometimes passion is beyond my reason. It has given me good results many times, especially when I'm on stage".

I'm open to the audience, to professionals, to all people and I tell them all I am quite determined to work with passion and to say something positive for good people," said Daniel.

I just hope I have enough life and time to express what I feel with my music, because music is my life, my love, my wife and I have always been faithful and will remain faithful to her."

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