Laritza Bacallao: Born to Sing

Laritza Bacallao: Born to Sing


By: Mercy Ramos / Photos by: Alejandro Pérez

For those who still don't know her, Laritza Bacallao is one of the many promising young Cuban singers, not only for her beautiful and marvelous voice, but also because its range allows her to perform a diverse selection of music genres such as son and guaracha, the chachacha and boleros, ballads and even modern reggaeton. Born in Havana, Cuba, this young brunette with expressive eyes and a rhythmic walk began her career over three decades ago, when she was only five years old.

Laritza Bacallao: Born to SingIn her interview with Cubaplus, Laritza stated, “It was then that a desire to sing awakened in me and since then, I've never stopped doing it…and never will”.

Her wonderful voice has been heard on almost all the continents. So has her great timbre and singing talents that captivate those who have had the chance to see her live.

Daughter of Ernesto Bacallao, a singer with the popular Cuban orchestra Aragon, since she opened her eyes, her home life and her world has been filled with music. It only seemed fitting that she would carry on the family tradition since her grandfather had also been a singer in the same band more than 70 years ago.

Laritza Bacallao: Born to SingDespite her youth, Laritza has had extensive experience in international arenas. “My first international journey was when I was 10 and went to Japan, when I joined the show named Tropical Cuba with many relevant Cuban artists like the world-renowned master percussion quartet Los Papines.”

“Since my early childhood singing had been dormant in me. That's why I studied music and graduated and my career today is the result of years of study, sleepless nights and a lot of sacrifice,” said Laritza.

She started as a professional at age 17, and since then she has played many venues, covering countries like Germany, Italy, Venezuela, USA and Angola.

Laritza Bacallao: Born to SingAs for albums, Laritza recorded an album at age 10 with the Aragon orchestra named “La Orquesta Aragón presenta la princesita del Cha ChaCha” (The Aragón orchestra presents the princess of Cha Cha Cha). “Si no sabes no te metas” (If you don't know, don't get into it” (with the Bis Music label, from Cuba) and “Homenaje a Elena Burke” (Homage to Elena Burke) (with the Ahora Corporation label from Japan).

Also, during the conversation with Cubaplus, the young Cuban singer announced that she would be touring Europe in the summer. She will also be traveling to Brazil in July and hopes to perform in Florida, USA in September.

Visitors to the island can see her perform every Sunday at the nightclub “Dos Gardenias” in the Havana Miramar district. She also has plans to tour around Cuba this year after finishing with her international commitments.

Laritza Bacallao: Born to SingTo Laritza, her parents have been her main source of support throughout her career, especially her mother, who has always been there for her as a source of constant encouragement.

The audience is also a very important element for the young singer. She thanks all her fans for their support through all these years and gives them credit for helping her achieve success with her career. “Music is everything to me…singing is my life. If I were born again, I would be a singer and if reborn I would still be a singer”, she added.