MUSIC Tourism

MUSIC Tourism


By Mercedes Ramos / Photos: TURARTE

The Cuban tourist industry's goal of relating tourism and culture is shared by Turarte, an institution created five decades ago to promote Cuban music both within the country and abroad.

Turarte's large range of artists has made it a great option for all who like Cuban music, dance and shows.

Singers and bands, such as Maria Antonieta, well known in international and national venues, Mi Son and Coral Latino, and shows like the Tropicana and the Parisien are some of the items in Turarte's "portfolio". It all gives Turarte the possibility of offering quality shows with the best of the rich traditions of Cuban culture.

It is the only agency of the Cuban Tourism Ministry able to offer artistic services to hotels, restaurants and other facilities welcoming national and foreign visitors.

MUSIC TourismThere are Turarte representatives in the main Cuban cities with specialists who guarantee the best shows to satisfy the most demanding audience.

Turarte has workshops for the training of dancers, models and artists. It also manages the couture workshops where the costumes for the Tropicana show, plays, movies and other cultural activities are made. Some of those costumes have won international awards.

Spain, Mexico, Germany, England and Canada are some of the nations availing themselves of the quality of Turarte.