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Niuver, Music in the Soul

By: Mercedes Ramos, Photos Courtesy of Yuri Lenquette and Sean Andrade
Niuver, Music in the Soul

Niuver is a Cuban singer, born in Bolondrón, a small town in the province of Matanzas. She has taken Cuban music to many stages across the world, which fills her with pride. Niuver affirms that she is Cuban to the core and will continue to be her entire life.

Niuver, Music in the SoulNiuver presently resides in France. Music is part of who she is and says it is something she was born with. I am one with Cuban music; I merge with music from Brazil, as well as with Jazz and Pop music. I also believe I have found a balance between French and Cuban music", she says, commenting on her work.

I think that there is as a marriage between Cuban and French music", she added. My style hinges on the ballad, but always with a touch of Cuba and Brazil ".

In an interview granted to Cubaplus the singer told us that she has already made two records: Quiéreme mucho is one of the songs, composed by Cuban musician Raúl Paz, released in 2009, and Trasnochando released in 2012, nominated at the Cubadisco International Music Fair in 2011, same year in which it was released.

Niuver, Music in the SoulGraduate of Havanás National School of Art (ENA) in lute and guitar, Niuver has been residing in France for the last 14 years, where she says she moved for love. I went to Spain to sing and there I met a Frenchman, with whom I fell in love". Music fascinates me", she confessed. It has taken me to many places, has allowed me to know the world and to communicate with people who speak other languages". She talked about her performance in Turkey as an example, where, in spite of the language and cultural differences her music had a big reception.

The Cuban singer has performed in almost all of Parisá music halls and has opened for many of her compatriot Raúl Pazás concerts. Paz is very popular in France as well as in many other countries around the world.

Niuver, Music in the SoulNiuver is passionate about teaching. In Cuba she taught at the ENA and in France she was a singing teacher at the Metz-Sablon and Yamaha Schools of Music. As of four years ago she devoted herself entirely to her singing career.

Niuver is presently in a band headed by the wellknown Guatemalan musician Ricardo Arjona, who asked her to be part of his group as singer and instrumentalist for the World Tour he has been on since 2014.

Ricardo contacted me last year while I was performing in Mexico. We have already performed in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, the United States. We still have upcoming concerts in Venezuela and Colombia as well as several in Europe, which will include Spain and France ", she added.

Niuver, Music in the Soul"I am very grateful that Ricardo invited me to sing with him, it is a beautiful experience. In addition to being able to share his songs, I open many concerts with my own themes," she said. Among Niuverás plans is to record her third album with her group, made up of three French musicians and one Cuban, and bring her music to Cuba.

I donát know when Iáll be able to perform in Cuba, but I will do it. First I must promote myself as a singer. I would like for the people here to get to know my songs.

I love my country very much, in fact I have a song about Cuba, of my childhood and traditions here, all of which for me represent the most valuable things. That is why I do not bring just anyone to Cuba, hence the title of the song: I will not take you to my Island", she concluded.

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