Paradiso: Getting to Know Cuba through its Culture

Paradiso: Getting to Know Cuba through its Culture


For Paradiso, Cuba’s agency specialized in cultural tourism, participating at the upcoming Cuban fair for tourism (FITCUBA 2014) means an opportunity to not only present to visitors the different aspects of our culture, but on May 12th also celebrate 20 years since its foundation.

Constituted in 1994, the agency´s objective has been to offer our culture as the motive for travel and for which it has developed diverse offers.

The creative possibilities have no limit with Paradiso, where imagination and talent abound. New ways to discover Cuba, through its music, cinema, dance, plastic and scenic arts are all offered, and of course, the combined enjoyment of the natural beauties of the island, sun, beaches, ambience and its people.

Paradiso: Getting to Know Cuba through its CultureThe agency offers the best way for tourists to gain access to about 40 cultural events throughout the year. Many of them have strong presences in the international market and are clear exponents of our character, such as the Pilgrimages of May, in Holguín, the Feast of Fire, in Santiago de Cuba, the International Jazz Festival, the Festival of the New Latin-American Cinema, and more.

Of utmost value is that Paradiso belongs to Cuba´s Ministry of Culture, whose institutions are the source of its products and a guarantee of authenticity, in addition to offering specialized assistance.

Throughout its 20 years, Paradiso has diversified its markets and refreshed its products. For example, in September, 2014 it will offer a new event called ‘Habanarte’, a celebration of Cuban culture where the capital will be taken over by art. The ‘Cultural Bond’ is yet another new product marking its two decades, offering access to all programs of the ARTEX cultural centers at very reasonable prices.

This year specialized tour packages are added to the portfolio of products, yet another cultural trip for the island. Here, visitors will have the opportunity of fraternizing with the warm Cuban people while getting to know the country’s historical and cultural roots.

Paradiso: Getting to Know Cuba through its CultureOne of the offerings that Paradiso has promoted in the past few years is one related to Academic Services, a product in high demand in which short courses and workshops are organized in different disciplines. These courses are coordinated and given by artists and teachers of the System of Artistic Education of Cuba (University of the Arts, academies and conservatories of artistic education for elementary and middle school students), at various levels, and the duration can vary depending on the complexity of the proposed curriculum.

For the past eight years the agency has been carrying out the celebration Baila en Cuba, a world encounter of dancers and academies of Casino and Salsa dancing, celebrated the last week of November... a meeting that has served to spread our popular dances among lovers of our culture and every year the number of foreign participants grows.