P.M.M., the other show

P.M.M., the other show


It surged from a group of parties and has become an eminent company where gather dancers, models, singers and circus artists from the Actuar agency of the National Stage Art Council.

P.M.M., the other showP.M.M., which stands for Por un Mundo Mejor in Spanish (For a Better World), is a show of avant-garde electronic art trends and is considered part of digital theatre.

In a conversation with Cuba plus, its director Mr. Hector Diaz, spoke of the magnificent link with the Charanga Habanera in productions involving salsa as dance genre.

"My DJ experience, since I was 17, has served to convince me of the need for the audience to interact on stage with the artists.” PMM surprises with high tech visual effects: flashes, pyrotechnics, dimmers, lasers and other gear.
"It's an expensive show, an unusual event that is welcomed for the integration of audiovisual images with dance and music.”

The company is today an astounding phenomenon in the concept of traditional Cuban music.