World Percussionists Return to Havana

World Percussionists Return to Havana


Designer image: Victor Alejandro Crespo, Photo: Roque

The 17th International Tambor Festival and Competition will take place in Havana from March 6th to 11th next year, in memory of Guillermo Barreto, consolidating the relevance of Cuban music on the international scene.

Organized by Cuba’s National Popular Music Centre, the event will welcome any percussionist who wants to take part in the contests or the various related events including percussion and dance master classes, workshops tailored for groups and individuals, cultural excursions and many other activities.

The percussion competition is split into five instrument categories: timbales or pailas (timpani-style drums), bongos, drums (drum kit), conga drums (tumbadoras), and bata drums.

Each contestant is allowed to compete in up to two categories and there are no professional or academic prerequisites for entry.

The music style categories are: Contradanza, Danzón, Cha Cha Chá, Charanga, Mambo, Son, Guaracha, Bolero, Salsa, Songos, Pilón, Dengue, Afro, Changüí, Conga Santiaguera, Conga and Comparsa Habanera, Mozambique, Rumba, 6x8, Timba, Congo (Palo, Makuta and Yuka), Santería Arará (Afrekete o Frekete, Gervioso, Masse, Tiñosa), and Yoruba (batá, guiro, Iyessá and Bembé), Abbakuá (Matanzas y la Habana).

In the dance contest, the categories are Casino and Rumba. In the Casino competition contestants will dance to genuinely Cuban music. There is no age limit and improvisation is allowed. The Rumba category similarly has no age limit.

Cuban contestants will be selected at preliminary heats to be held February 20th and 21st at the Salón Rosado de la Tropical in Havana, from 2pm onwards.

International pairs need to register for the competition before March 1st 2018 via email to: eventos2@paradis., and purisima@infomed. Cuba’s foremost dance music bands will take part in the event alongside many of the country’s leading jazz and Afro-Cuban dance companies as well as international guests.

Prizes in the percussion competition will include topclass musical instruments and other valuable rewards. Dance competition contestants stand to win a weekend at a 4 or 5 star Varadero hotel or two nights at the Palco hotel in Havana amongst other prizes.

For more information please contact: General information: Sussette - tel: +53 7206 9000, email: Catherin Pedersen: Giraldo Piloto For accomodation, cultural tourism packages and international accreditation please contact: Agencia Paradiso, ARTEX. Email: Cel: +53 5286 5406

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