Triada, A fashion project from the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund Ciego de Ávila

Triada, A fashion project from the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund Ciego de Ávila


By Jesús W. Calaña

To paraphrase an ancient philosopher, my eyes are not beautiful but they allow me to see beauty so they are useful.. and beautiful. Presumably aesthetes take this observation into account when defining the categories of utility and beauty.

But objects are not beautiful per se, since their beauty depends on our aesthetic codes, and these vary between people and times. An object is beautiful and at the same time it is not, by virtue of the differences between these codes that modify reality and are themselves modified by reality. We can’t know which way the balance tipped on the utility/beauty binary when primitive humans began to wear clothes but the conjunction of this variable is easy to spot among contemporary humans.

We don’t just dress to protect ourselves from the cold, or the sun, or rain. We don’t simply dress to hide or to reveal. We dress to say who we are.. or who we are not. And to impart this message of otherness we choose what we wear, although not with complete liberty of course because fashion makes its voice heard.

But when an object, or in this case a piece of clothing, combines the triad of imagination, talent and style there can be no doubts.. beauty and utility prevail.

This is a gift, a triad of efforts from a triad of artists: an exclusive exhibition with Nelson Domínguez’s collection Telarte, clothing design by Guayza and jewellery from Pauyet.