Tropicana the Meca of Open Air Extravaganzas

Tropicana the Meca of Open Air Extravaganzas


A paradise under the stars, as many know it, the Tropicana is a world renowned cabaret that has transcended time as the indisputable result of human artistic creativity unfolded in the mystery and seduction of its vibrant performances. Music, dance, lavish costumes and even the daring architecture are brilliantly combined in each of its artistic endeavours. To this must be added the great contribution of Mother Nature that provides the lush starry Caribbean sky in Havana as a backdrop for the great feast of the senses that is Tropicana.

This happy conjunction was one of many that allowed Tropicana to call across national frontiers and attract world-class artists like Nat King Cole, Carmen Miranda, Josephine Baker and Liberace to triumph under the stars. Of note also was the Tropicana’s showcase presentation at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, its first appearance outside Cuba, which marked the beginning of other productions in renowned international venues such as London’s Royal Albert Hall, the Monte Carlo Sporting Club or the Beacon Theatre on Broadway, among others.

After 70 years Tropicana’s appeal remains unchanged as a must for travelers to Cuba.

Calle 72 y Línea del Ferrocarril in Marianao, La Habana.
Telephone: (537) 267 1717