Andres Díaz Painting Poetry

Andres Díaz Painting Poetry

Visual Arts

By: Cary Chaviano Photos by José Tito Meriño

It pleases me to make poetry with a paint brush, because I am one of those who think the brush speaks when it describes the slender figure of a woman or as its refined strokes simply narrate the wonder that surrounds us," the young artist Andres Díaz told Cubaplus. Díaz is a modern painter who uses his brush to try and perpetuate historical memory for future generations.

Andres Díaz Painting Poetry From the time he was small he had artistic inclinations, which grew as he did, until he consolidated his vocation at Havana's San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, of which he is a graduate.

Although Díaz has dabbled in landscape, it is the human figure that is both the source of his inspiration and his challenge. "It is not just to achieve a good portrait technically and artistically, but to discover the psychological depth of the person. It is to paint spirits and feelings, which is like painting a person's soul," he explained.

He uses drawing as his most frequent technique; charcoal drawing on cardboard with a little dry pastel, complementing the technical aspects with a surprising realism.

Andres Díaz Painting Poetry In essence, his drawings invite reflection on historical and social issues, and even an invitation to become lost in the surreal world of the characters portrayed.

For Díaz, painting is everything because, besides being a creative work and an enjoyable activity, above all it is the beautiful feeling obtained from considering the impact or social benefit that the work may have on the humans who view it.

For this reason, the artist pays a lot of attention to the views and comments of ordinary viewers - and of course, with respect to the critics.

In his short and ascendant career, the young artist has won several awards and his work is part of private collections in Cuba and abroad; he has also participated in over 20 solo and joint exhibitions with prestigious Cuban portrait artists.