Alexis Plasencia. The body is a temple... the temple is the art

Alexis Plasencia. The body is a temple... the temple is the art

Visual Arts

By Cary Quintana / Photos: Jokerstudio

Alexis Plasencia García is an academically trained artist who in the human figure has found a basis on which to develop his career. His initial work, realistic, has evolved toward the current theme where the body continues as protagonist, but not in the mimicry of a role or supporting canvas, but rather within the covering dermis itself, becoming a stage for the creation.

Exploring these pathways of body art generates a discussion about the body, a very attractive proposition for a discipline which has developed discretely in Cuba.

The body is a temple... the temple is the art

In this way, since 2008, Alexis Plasencia’s art has come to life in the skins of different models, incorporating themselves to the space to merge spiritually into these ephemeral performance works. In 2010 and 2011, the artist represented Cuba in editions V and VI of the Encuentro Mundial de Arte Corporal (World Meeting of Body Art) in Caracas, Venezuela.

He subsequently presented his work in different spaces such as Galería Continua, in connection with ‘300 días de Arte Continua’ (300 days of Continuous Art), which included several installation pieces, and in 2019 he participated in the proposal “Ríos Intermitentes”, which extended the XIII Havana Biennial towards the city of Matanzas. Recently, he has been immersed in a new project. “El secreto de las paredes” is the title of a work in progress carried out in the Athens of Cuba. These are works of body art with body camouflage and interaction with public spaces of the city, with a concept based on caring for the architecture and nature, and the fight to prevent degradation of a city with unique heritage value in the country.

The intention lies in raising awareness in people and authorities about the importance of public spaces. The discourse is constructed using the body. The body is presented as the stage where our spirit lives, in the same way that each part of the city treasures its essence and its history. The models merge and capture the soul of each place where the images are recreated, with total sensitivity and a sense of belonging.

To dress oneself with the skin of the city in search of care, against abuse and deterioration makes this joint work a means of reflection. As they are ephemeral actions, and given the characteristics that this type of work implies, the performances are documented through photographs and audiovisuals. This is possible thanks to the professional collaboration with models from the body art company Jokerstudio Cuba, tasked to record the entire process where the body is a temple and the temple is the work.

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