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Body Art in Cuba

By: Mercedes Ramos
Body Art in Cuba

Body art is now an art form gaining worldwide momentum for its beauty and original ity and Cuba is not lagging in this trend.

Body Art in CubaMore than a year ago on the Isle of Youth, south of Havana, the "Carapachibey Arte Corporal" (Carapachibey Body Art) project was developed to encourage body art besides acting, music and dance.

In an interview with Cubaplus, group manager Evelio González Carbonell explained that the project is intended to train dancers, models and artists to create a high impact performance that today is not often seen on stages and catwalks around the island.

Body Art in CubaGonzález said that the project includes elevating levels of special ized development and professional training, as well as participation in different territorial, national and international art shows performed using ballet, folklore and modern dance, among other corporal expressions.

Each show tells a story with a natural ist ic speech performed by dancers who turn into l ive canvasses: deities, creatures brimming with eyes, breasts and other body parts; anthropomorphic and plant beings, fully voluptuous with an impressive eroticism.

Body Art in CubaEach Carapachibey presentation is a l iving exhibition overwhelming with color, l ines, textures, l ights, shapes and concepts painted by each artist on the body of the models with their particular style, González continued.

Since its creation the project has performed in various places in the country as part of the cultural events program, such as the 2008 Havana International Book Fair and the Latin American Cinema Festival in the Cuban capital.

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