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Edith Aragón, an innate photographer

By: Mercy Ramos / Photos courtesy Edith Aragón
Edith Aragón, an innate photographer

They say that sometimes a person is born to do a particular activity because of his or her qualities or vocation, and that might seem questionable, but when wersquo;re talking about the talented Cuban photographer Edith Aragón, there is no room for doubt. The quality of her work speaks for itself; she was born for this art.
Edith Aragón, an innate photographerFor Edith, photography is fundamental in her life, and she cannot live without it. Through her photos, she can take a bird, a plant, or a landscape with her without doing the least bit of harm to the environment, and she is a out-and-out champion of nature.
Edith Aragón, an innate photographerIn an interview with Cubaplus, Aragón, who is also a documentary filmmaker, told us that from a very young age, she has been in love with geography and animals.
Often, on trips to the countryside, she would marvel at the wildlife and lose track of time.
In photography, what I love the most is nature, although I sporadically make artistic photos with the goal of idealizing a dream," she said.
Edith Aragón, an innate photographerShe holds degrees in nursing and business administration (the latter of which she earned in Korea), but her photography work won Edith first prize in the Flora category of the Nature Photography Contest of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation this past September in Havana.
She also won third place in the same category, and second place in the category Society and Nature. Those prizes come in addition to a number of other awards in photography contests, including the 4th Fotosub National Festival in Cuba, in 2010; the 5th Rosa Elena Simeon Memorial Images of Nature Festival, in 2008; and the Walk for the Environment Photography Contest in 2011.
Edith Aragón, an innate photographerEdith has also made a number of documentaries, one of which examines Korean immigration stemming from the war. Right now she is busy making a film about the 60 annual international
billfish (marlin) fishing tournaments that have taken place in the Cuban capital, with which she will pay tribute to Ernes Hemingway.
Edith Aragón, an innate photographerShe has exhibited her photographs in many national and international venues, including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and the United States. What most fascinates her is living in the Cuban archipelago: every cave, every islet, every cove, every mountain in our archipelago has a richness, and that is what makes my photos worth something. The value of my photos isnbsp; evealing to others what we have in Cuba," emphasizes this well-known artist.

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