Ferval, Capturing a Moment

Ferval, Capturing a Moment

Visual Arts

By: Roberto F. Campos / Photos by Ferval

In his constant quest for the perfect image, Ferval is a Cuban photographer whose work is intimist, employing chiaroscuro and a perfect unity between color and life.

Ferval, Capturing a MomentFor Fernando Valdés Álvarez, Ferval (Havana, 1954), photography is not just a profession; it is an interpretation of human intimacy through colors and shadows, a conjunction of chiaroscuro and compatibility with the soul and with life itself.

His own words better explain that philosophy of the image, a sort of strategy in his constant battle to interpret our surroundings: “A photo can be more than a moment. When possible, I like to show a lapse of time, a bridge to graphically narrate the action and the passing of time in a scene.”

Ferval, Capturing a Moment“I observe the spatial movement of an object, the magic of the changing light and the transformation of matter in constant variation. I also never dismiss idea of stopping what the human eye always sees in motion. The most interesting aspect is combining different states of movement within a scene, where one part is seen frozen and the other in the course of action; this then turns into a divertimento.”

A 1980 graduate of the Chemistry Institute, Ferval is a permanent dreamer, assisted by images, colors and lights.

Ferval, Capturing a MomentHe started out in his profession as a news photographer in 1984 and has worked at several different papers, including Avante, 1984-1987; El Habanero, in 1987; and the Spanish magazine Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe, since 1997.

He has been working as photographer for the Prensa Latina news agency since 1998, and is a contributor to a large number of Cuban and foreign media outlets.

Ferval, Capturing a MomentAnother part of his work is making and producing video clips, and some outstanding examples have been seen at the Habanos festivals, the Havana International Trade Fair and the 500th Anniversary of the Founding of the city of Baracoa.

Journalism and advertising, the still and moving image; it all comes together in the work of this Cuban photographic artist.