A Glance at Cuba

A Glance at Cuba

Visual Arts

Text and photos: Ripsime Biyazyan

North American student Ripsime Biyazyan visited Cuba recently on an academic trip and her camera lens captured diverse details of the country and its people. Over these pages we bring our readers a taste of her photographic work across this Caribbean archipelago.

A Glance at CubaTaxis (and Maquinas) were very easy to hop on and a great way to improve conversational Spanish. All Cubans were eager to learn all about where their customers are from.

Sometimes it felt like stepping out of a 1950s clip of daily life in Cuba. The atmosphere made the experience so surreal.

Any view from a high window brightens up the blue sky and reminds you how vibrant life in Havana always is.

There are constant reminders of the eloquent writers and philosophers that shaped Cuba’s revolutionary mindset and that helped build strong foundations that united people from all over the island.

A Glance at CubaEverywhere you travel, there is always someone willing to help you out whether it be with something small like directions or a ride from Soroa to Havana. This family offered us a ride back after and I explored the Cascada de Soroa.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this photo and this spread to my grandfather, Gevorg Kalajyan (1941 - 2015), who was an amazing traveling companion. I don’t think I could found a younger, more adventurous soul to travel with, so thank you for that. You will be missed.