Graffiti Image, Embellishes Havana’s

Graffiti Image, Embellishes Havana’s

Visual Arts

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: courtesy of the interviewee

Street art paints identity onto an urban landscape. Graffiti has helped shape the image of Havana, marked by humor and fantasy.

Travelers can find intriguing street art all over the city, including cultural centers like Fábrica de Arte Cubano (The Cuban Art Factory).

Graffiti Image, Embellishes Havana’s

The word “graffiti” comes from Italian, translating directly as “scratched”. As an artistic style, graffiti implies street art without granted permission.

The origin of the word dates back to critical or satirical inscriptions made on walls during the Roman Empire.

“Graffiti” is used to refer to a range of expressions, from tagging to archaeological inscriptions. In Havana, graffiti offers the city decoration, happiness, youth and imagination.