Hasta Pronto

Hasta Pronto

Visual Arts

Afriend of Alfredo Sarabia wrote the following in the program for the 1st National Biennial of Photography - Alfredo Sarabia in Memoriam, 2003.

"I remember in his house in Vedado, among the trees and bamboo furniture, him showing me the photographs that were part of his life. Alfredo Sarabia was a person of an unusual dynamism, and maybe that is the reason why death surprised him [in 1992 in Mérida, Mexico] white he was steeping.

Born 23 October 1951 in Havana, he began working professionally as a photographer in 1976 and had his first solo exhibition at the Fototeca de Cuba in 1989.

I wrote the introduction material for the exhibition and knew that I was working with one of the most outstanding photographers of his generation.

His photographs are the result of a constant and reflective search, where humour and drama are part of each scene. His work will remain as a testimony of his fine visual sensibility which magnificently captured the magic of everyday lite, something which is the foundation of true art. "

His work has been exhibited throughout the Americas and Europe and published in La Habana en mi Corazón: 75 Años de Fotografía Cubana by Gareth Jenkins.

This whimsical and dramatic photograph is one of his most famous and was taken on Havana's Matecón in the late 1980‘s and pictures Sarabia's young son with his bicycle.

For more information or to purchase prints, please contact Dayana Sarabia at dsarabia68@yahoo.ca