Miguel Puldon

Miguel Puldon

Visual Arts

With more than 25 years dedicated to photography focused mainly on the cigar world, Miguel Puldon shares with us his constant search for the best cigar-related images. Puldon’s artistic creation is greatly related to the world of the Cuban cigar. His images have been published in a variety of books, as well as in national and international magazines, on different television programs and internet, and in other spaces of Cuban Cultural life.

Miguel PuldonIn these images, the grace of smoke is joined by the elegance of femininity. The artist has worked with several models in carefully chosen spaces to give us an appealing proposal where, among other things, he represents the relationship between Cuban women and cigars.

Puldon has worked with several artists, not only photographers, but also painters. Such is the case of his collaboration with Milton Bernal in exhibitions and presentations in Cuba and abroad.

Born in 1951 and having a Bachelor of Education, Puldon has mounted almost 90 exhibitions including both personal and collective. He has participated with his work in many shows and in all Cigar Festivals since 2005.

Nowadays he is working with plastic artist Maria Consuelo Mendoza in creative sequences of photoengraving.