Nelson, 2010

Nelson, 2010

Visual Arts

For Nelson Domínguez, born in Baire, Sierra Maestra, Santiago de Cuba in 1947, winner of the 2009 National Arts Prize, 2010 augers a continuation of no privacy and an almost tumultuous social life.

Nelson, 2010"This will be so because I don't mind having people around while I create; I like to improvise and ideas come to me like flying horses. So I ride all of them without immediate judgement; I undertake and postpone like many young students do."

Domínguez, who has also won the National Culture of Cuba Award and the Order of Alejo Carpentier, among other national and international distinctions, was interviewed by Cubaplus.

"I finished my last large (2x3 metres) mixed technique on canvas, 'La Catarsis del Juego (Game Catharsis)' in the last two days of 2009. It's at my studio-gallery on Oficio Street in Old Havana for the time being" said Domínguez, smiling and smoking a cigar.

Nelson, 2010For the New Year, the artist said he wished the best for his friends, colleagues and the general public, and of course, also for those who have not liked his work.

Nelson Domínguez is a representative figure of the first generation of talented artists who came with the triumph of the Revolution. Born in a rural area, he studied at the National School of Arts beginning in the mid Sixties. He is a true example that exceptional artistic talent not only springs from those born in luxury or in great cities, but from something unique in the person, and he is proud of it.