Norlys and Forms of Light

Norlys and Forms of Light

Visual Arts

By: Shirley Moreira / Photos: Courtesy of Norlys Pérez

Young photographer Norlys Pérez, a graduate in Social Communication, has shown his work in numerous solo exhibitions in Cuba and abroad and taken part in several national and international contests. The work presented in this edition, Formas de Luz (Forms of Light), is a sample of this the talent of this young artist whose future looks set to be very bright indeed.

Norlys and Forms of LightLight is both life and death, and it is a crucial element in people's lives and actions. Our existence plays out in luminous spaces, in which we coexist. We owe them our creations. And as social beings, we find ourselves conditioned by the presence of objects and their uses in our closest surroundings.

“Light and objects, the relationship between them and with society are concepts I was interested in, and in which I saw a real possibility of articulating a coherent artistic message,” Norlys Pérez told Cubaplus.

“This project tries to establish connections between art and certain areas of anthropology. The starting point is rooted in the idea of re-considering objects created by human beings that use light as an essence of their functional character.”

“I created these pieces to simulate a timeless state in which two realities come together: that of the social being and that of the elements born of that being's determination,” added the artist.

Norlys and Forms of LightLight is the starting point and the raw material of these pieces. The force behind this element in the pieces leads the viewer to a vast universe of meanings, in which every piece of light becomes a symbol of an interior subjectivity that threatens to become real, visible, palpable. The light comes up between the recipients and the pieces, giving it a visually pleasant perspective.

The compositions look to discard any connection to a past or present context, abstracting the objects to allow the metaphors to take hold.

Subjectivity and atemporality are the essence of this series. When objects are deprived of their everyday contexts, we are forced to reexamine our relationships with them, and a space for reflection opens up. These images call on us to questions our lives, our values and their meanings.


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