Photo Feature, Ivian Ruiz Hernández

Photo Feature, Ivian Ruiz Hernández

Visual Arts

To stop life for an instant and tum the moment into something everlasting is the magic of photography. For this to happen, one needs more than good control of technique or precise lens-shutter relationship.

Whether photojournalism, erotica, scenery or any type of photo, inspiration plays an important role in creation.

This is evident in the collection exhibited by Ivian Ruiz Hernández, a young photographer who has added her name to the growing number of women photographers. With a strong professional education supported by constant courses and innovative workshops, her results, shown in some thirty individual and collective exhibitions, have earned plaudits.

 Photo Feature, Ivian Ruiz HernándezCubaplus now welcomes and shares her captured images. All are made with her characteristic judicious use of light and shadow to capture all within the grasp of the lens and sensitivity.

Today, Ivian Ruiz Hernández is the official photographer of La Maison, an elegant fashion show centre in the Cuban capital. There she uses her feminine side on the wardrobes used by the models on the catwalk.

But this is not the limit of her enthusiasm and other “instants” continue to nourish her professional prestige.