Photo Feature: Lynne Cohen

Photo Feature: Lynne Cohen

Visual Arts

High level contemporary Canadian photography has found in Lynne Cohen one of its best examples. Considered among the most renowned artists of her expression at international level and recipient of a vast pedagogical experience in Canada and Europe she was awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual Arts and Media Arts in 2005.

Photo Feature: Lynne CohenHer work is present at important public collections: the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Metropolitan Art Museum in United States, the Australian National Gallery and at the Domus Artium in Spain.

Her photographs picture domestic and institutional interior spaces, which have included living rooms, public halls, offices, laboratories, classrooms without any artificial lightning. The scenes derive to no man's land to turn into a “no place” deprived of owners or human presence.

On the words of Spanish critic Alvaro de los Angeles: “spaces suffer a crisis for the no presence of humans and the choice of passage places that, nevertheless, lose their mobile quality by deriving in objects, images with an appearance of three-dimensional pieces.”