Reflection Liborio Noval

Reflection Liborio Noval

Visual Arts

With the piercing look of a lens master inspired by scenes from Andorra and Cuba, Liborio Noval moves us closer to an unsuspected dimension of human imagination with these unusual lyrical images.

Reflection Liborio NovalLight and color frolic in search of the perfect angle. The work surpasses the monotonous barrier of inertia and transforms each scene into a creative endeavour, first and foremost aesthetic, artistic and, thus, social.

This turning point imposes a different strategy when pinpointing parts and details in the graphical apprehension of reality. It is an enrichment of his way of watching, objectives to be captured on film or digital memory.

The diversity of subjects and motifs proposed by the artist becomes a fortunate link that provides style, conception and atmosphere.

Let's enjoy these reflections of every day life, which always invite us to look again.