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Rigoberto Mena, Abstractionist par excellence

By: Mercy Ramos / Photos by Courtesy of Pedro Abascal
Rigoberto Mena, Abstractionist par excellence

With three decades of experience as an artist, Rigoberto Mena has sent his paintings to represent Cuba at prestigious international art exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne, Madrid, Brussels, Toronto and Shanghai. His works are also included in top-quality public and private collections worldwide. A simple man, gentle and self-assured, Mena is a typical Cuban conversationalist - hersquo;ll talk at any time - but this talker is surrounded by paintings. His house looks more like a studio; not only are his walls covered by his paintings, but also those of his artist friends, even in the kitchen.

Rigoberto Mena, Abstractionist par excellenceThe artist will discuss his world that is shaped by brushes and oil paint, even if he considers that he started a little late. Nevertheless Mena has become one of the most important painters in the country.

Irsquo;m an abstract painter who relies on intuition to create my work, but I also use logic and reason. The harmonious blend of these facets is how I produce my paintings."

Rigoberto Mena, Abstractionist par excellenceFor Mena, painting is an important part of his life because it is a how he expresses himself spiritually, a way to channel his energy and speak from the depths of his soul.

He believes that art in Cuba has developed greatly because the country has many talented artists, who he advises to work and study hard and not to waste time. Above all, he advises, they should not get carried away by fashion trends but should instead follow their inner selves to reach the truth.

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