Roberto Salas, A Life in Photography

Roberto Salas, A Life in Photography

Visual Arts

By: Ilsa Rodríguez

Roberto Salas, A Life in PhotographyMore than half a century of tireless efforts has led Roberto Salas to the summit of Cuban photography. This has been reached thanks to the almost divine grace with which he immortalized the essence of Cuban history since the 1959 revolutionary triumph of which he has been an exceptional witness through the lens of his camera.

The son of photojournalist Osvaldo Salas, Roberto Salas was born in 1940 and raised in the Bronx, New York City. He took his first steps in the profession in his father’s portrait studio and, at 17, published his first picture in Life magazine, depicting the red and black flag of the rebel group led by Fidel Castro (26 de Julio Movement) at the Statue of Liberty.

But if Salas is known and praised for his work on Cuban daily life, so is his graphic testimony of the Vietnam War, which has won numerous awards.