Impressions on the skin... sculptural bodies

Impressions on the skin... sculptural bodies

Visual Arts

By Roxana Consuegra, Photos: courtesy of Pedro Pulido

Your smooth and continuous shape Glides on your skin, covering Your serene walk As in a sculpture, there is sexuality In your eyes, mouth, breasts and the darkness of Venus

Pedro Pulido

Impressions on the skin... sculptural bodies

Blessed is the discovery of the hands and the skin.

Blessed is the minute that your hands sculpt the material they have available to develop art. Pedro Pulido (Havana, 1942) is one of the most prolific artists of our time. An architect who moves between two-dimensional and threedimensional supports, he has dedicated a large part of his career to studying, developing and promoting sculptural art in Cuba and in other latitudes.

His endeavour is a song to life, nature and the noble causes of man. Thus, his works become representative forms of the abstract, but they have the unique quality of transporting those who contemplate them into a world of figures that is very unique to the author. Forms of strong erotic language, others alluding to flora and fauna, as well as those related to human feelings such as friendship or love, stand out within Pedro Pulido’s work.

He works with diverse materials: steel, marble and wood are the most used. However, he advocates also using other raw materials for artistic work, because each one provides formal riches and provides a view remote from that given by noble and lavish materials. Stones, rusty metal plates, scraps and workshop leftovers become essential parts of multiple creations.

In this way, Pulido has inspired many young Cuban students and sculptors since 2014 to participate in the annual editions of the Arte Povera sculpture symposium. In these, creativity is supported through the search for solutions available to everyone. These symposia are generated by the “Cintio Vitier” Community Project that he directs, with the fundamental premises of promoting good conduct and establish brotherhood as a practice in the new generations.

Impressions on the skin... sculptural bodies

The project has also contributed to livening up four precincts in the Colón-Nuevo Vedado district from the placement of 150 scattered sculptures in that area. Thus, students and professor place their art within the urban framework of the capital and set landmarks in the historiography of environmental sculpture in Cuba.

But Pedro Pulido’s art is not just visible in this area of the city. In Monte Barreto, located in the area of 7th and 70, Miramar, a set of functional sculptures is located, in this case as seats.

Marble benches form part of the public space where the objective is that the passer-by becomes the audience and interacts with the work.

Another aspect of his production is closely related to history. Tributes to different heroes and figures of the Cuban revolutionary deeds have been made by the artist. Let us mention the bust made as a tribute to José Antonio Aponte and the sculptural relief of José Martí at the Paulita Concepción Vocational School of Art.

He was a director as well as professor at this artistic education institution and he left his artistic mark there. Currently Pulido is a professor of Sculpture and Drawing at the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, in whose courtyard his artistic legacy with “La puerta de la amistad” also survives.

As an important creator of the arts in Cuba, he has been deserving of more than a few recognitions, among them the Medal for Cuban Culture presented to him by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. With his artistic career and significance still present in the new generations, Pedro Pulido is undoubtedly one of the pillars that supports Cuban sculptural art.