The Human Figure in the Work of Sagols

The Human Figure in the Work of Sagols

Visual Arts

By: Graciela Guzmán

The human figure occupies top place in the work of young Cuban painter Vladimir León Sagols, who recently enchanted Havana with his exhibition Evas (Eves), featuring women in an ordinary environment, as if surprised in their intimate world.

The Human Figure in the Work of SagolsIn 1988, Sagols completed his studies of engraving in the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Art. A hundred-year-old institution in the Cuban capital, San Alejandro has seen the great artists of this Caribbean country pass through its halls as students or teachers.

Sagols says he feels captivated by the art of engraving on wood, metal and stone, but that he has been unable to practice it because it needs many tools and space with he hasn’t been able to find since he graduated from San Alejandro. For this reason, right after graduating, he began his journey into painting, which he investigated in full detail through much study and practice.