Servisa, Guaranteeing the Cuban Tourist Sector

Servisa, Guaranteeing the Cuban Tourist Sector

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SERVISA S.A. is an integrated company, part of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), offering support services that guarantee the sustainability of Cuba’s tourist product portfolio as well full client satisfaction. With a wide range of practical services it has become a pillar of the Cuban leisure industry. Its business is divided into three main areas.

Hygiene services

Specialized laundry and linens rental, specialized cleaning and maintenance services using advanced technologies that protect and ensure durability, indespensable to the tourist industry. Four brands: Unicorn (linen services), Unimax (dry cleaning), Lironda (cleaning and maintenance) and Donaire (garment laundry).

Food production

This group of companies is made up of the brands Alondra, Algusto and D’Gusto and offers a varied range of high quality food products including ice creams, baked goods and fresh and cured meat products for the discerning palate. They also provide buffet and catering services for parties and other events. Where possible artisan techniques and fresh, natural ingredients are used, for healthier products with better texture and flavour.

Servisa, Guaranteeing the Cuban Tourist SectorSETCA Transport and vehicle maintenance: provides specialist car maintenance and repair services as well as bodywork and paintwork, upholstery and car valet services. This company also provides certain other specialist services, such as supplying potable water to the hotel network via tanker trucks.

SERVISA is a company with a global outlook and offers other complementary services such as: Courier, customs and transit services: Cubanacan Express provides various services including conventional and containerized cargo transport via air, land and sea. It also offers customs brokerage, cargo handling, information and consultancy, transit services, land transport and customs documentation/ processing services for events, exhibitions etc. A full range of courier is available, for sending and receiving documents, medicines, samples, commercial items and used items nationally and internationally - a fast, secure and trustworthy service in line with customs regulations.

SERTEC provides specialist technical services. These include the assembly, installation, repair and maintenance of specialist technical equipment such as laundry appliances, project-specific equipment, factory machinery etc. Making sure the necessary parts and accessories available, the company ensures the smooth running of laundries, dry cleaning units and ice cream factories nationwide.

Constantly evolving and aiming to reach every corner of Cuba, SERVISA has recently started operating in the country’s westernmost province, Pinar del Río, with a more relevant, efficient and effective range of services. The growing affluence of visitors and the rise of nature tourism in the region called for developing a wider selection of services in the area to better support tourism there.

In Havana a new programme is underway to integrate the services of Mintur’s central offices, their subordinate companies as well as various other entities. Under the slogan “special services for special clients” this umbrella organization covers many different tourist sector services such as visitor reception, switchboard operation, pantry services, cleaning for offices and communal areas as well as general maintenance and other services.