A Health and Wellness Brotherhood Project

A Health and Wellness Brotherhood Project

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By: Liliam Lee Hernández Photos Courtesy LABIOFAM

Sharing a common history, Cuba and Angola continue their mutual cooperation for the welfare of their peoples.

A Health and Wellness Brotherhood ProjectLABIOFAM Business Group is part of a health and well-being project in that African nation through a vector control plan to reduce the incidence of malaria within the population. Malaria is endemic in the region with high mortality rates, chiefly among pregnant women and children under five.

Since November 2009, dozens of Cuban collaborators have been applying two LABIOFAM bio-larvicides, Bactivec and Griselsf, two products possessing a high degree of proven effectiveness in eliminating the larvae of mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Cooperative activities also extend to controlling other vectors harmful to humans, including rats. For that, Biorat, a biological rodenticide also made by the Cuban institution, has significantly lowered levels of infestation in both rural and urban areas.

A Health and Wellness Brotherhood ProjectThe successful implementation of the collaboration project, supervised by Cuban specialists in each of the treatment areas, is also due to the population's enforcement of sanitary measures, as well as proper and disciplined application of the biological products.

All indications are that, in a short period of time, Angola will be declared free of malaria. This will be possible, in part, because of the intensity of labour, which in Luanda, the capital, has been able to significantly reduce the levels of larval infestation with the concomitant reduction in the number of people confirmed as suffering from malaria.

The daily work of the Cuban collaborators in LABIOFAM Business Group is able to offer the Angolan nation this health perspective. Once again the two fraternal peoples are united, this time with the noble and humane purpose of overcoming the serious health problem of malaria.