Acitan Project Closer to Sustainability

Acitan Project Closer to Sustainability

Health & Medicine

Among the leading products of the Cuban Labiofam Group is a nutritional supplement made from the pseudostem of the banana plant, used as a complementary therapy in patients with oncological diseases.

This supplement is Acitan, the result of research by a team of specialists at Labiofam, the institution that has decided to expand its use.

To do this, it is necessary to implement technologies that enable a steady supply of banana pseudostem, the raw material essential for production.

To obtain higher volumes of pseudostem, Labiofam began cultivating extra-dense bananas, a technique resulting in higher yields with the plant cut after each harvest.

This type of cultivation has an added ecological benefit as the seeds used in the process allow control of a specific plague, known as Black Sigatoka, without using chemicals. Fertilization is organic and there is the possibility of using soils formerly not considered suitable for traditional banana cultivation.

The guiding objective of Cuba’s scientific institution Labiofam is to provide the Acitan nutritional supplement to everyone who needs it. For this reason, the focus is not only to enhance the formulation’s properties, but also to implement work styles that allow sustainability of the project. Cultivating extra-dense banana is an effective way to achieve these goals.