CIREN, where hope is restored

CIREN, where hope is restored

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CIREN, Cuba's International Centre for Neurological Restoration, founded in February 1989, is a leading scientific and medical institution, offering innovative, successful therapy programs for neurological restoration and general biological restoration that have won recognition and benefited thousands of patients in some 85 countries.

CIREN, where hope is restoredIn 2014, when the centre turns 25, the 4th International Conference on Neurological Restoration will be held. This one-of-a-kind scientific event is a convergence of all specialties associated with restorative neurology, from the basic neurosciences to neuro-rehabilitation, and including neurology, neurosurgery, and cutting-edge applied technologies, with the participation of prestigious representatives of all of these disciplines.

The medical and human qualities of CIREN are recognized worldwide and enriched by the centre's ongoing research for providing increased knowledge and introducing and developing technology in the world of the neurosciences.

CIREN, where hope is restoredThe centre's excellence is due principally to the dedication of its specialists, technicians and auxiliary staff, who focus all of their energies on the humane work of serving patients who are affected by the consequences of severe injuries or who have debilitating chronic diseases of the nervous system. Their goal is to improve these patients' quality of life and to reintegrate them into society. The centre's medical services are certified by ISO 9001 international standards.

CIREN's revitalized experience of more than 25 years has shown that when a neurological patient is subjected to intense activity as part of a program of multifactorial treatments applied by highly-skilled, neurologist-led multidisciplinary teams, divided into four specialized clinics according to pathology, with custom-designed, comprehensive therapeutic actions for each patient seven hours daily, excellent results are obtained for improving functions that had been lost, based on the principle of neuroplasticity for achieving structural and functional recovery of the injured nervous system.

CIREN, where hope is restoredCIREN is known around the world for the quality of its rehabilitation services, which, based on a comprehensive psycho-motor assessment, combines diverse therapeutic techniques and procedures in a systematic, adequately dosified way.

Possibilities for preventive action and anti-aging treatment are also available at CIREN, with its General Biological Restoration program, REBIOGER, in different forms and for inpatients or outpatients. This is a totally innovative therapeutic program with actions that are based on cellular damage caused by free radicals, or oxidative stress.

CIREN, where hope is restoredThe program includes an evaluation of neurological, cardiovascular, and other general effects of this damage, stimulating rehabilitation through intensive potentiation methods.

In a single project, CIREN incorporates its area for clinical services and its experimental research. The scientists at this centre have the mission of developing pre-clinical investigations of treatments, perfecting diagnoses, and evaluating the evolution of neurological diseases.

CIREN has a top-notch neurosurgery service and modern surgical instruments associated for neurological restoration program, providing coverage to its four clinics, including treatment for Parkinson's disease, dystonias, drug resistant epilepsy, and others. Stereotactic techniques are applied using the Estereoflex stereotactic system, a Cuban system designed for implementing procedures involving minimally invasive surgery with macro automated surgical planning, and neurophysiologic diagnostic verification using micro-electrode recording of neural activity, combining the simplicity, exactness, and versatility of those applications.

CIREN, where hope is restoredCIREN provides specialized medical services with the dedication and prestige of its doctors, scientists, and health workers, using cutting-edge technology applied to medicine.


Comprehensive services for Parkinson's, dystonia, ataxias, dementias, tremors and other involuntary movements)


CIREN, where hope is restoredSpinal cord conditions and their consequences, neuromuscular conditions such as chronic polyneuropathies, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and others.


Sequelae of cerebro-vascular events and cranioencephalic trauma.


Services for children from the age of 1, principally with cerebral paralysis, autism, epilepsy, and mental retardation, among others.


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