CNCMA, Leader in Central America and the Caribbean

CNCMA, Leader in Central America and the Caribbean

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By Mercy Ramos / Photos: José (Tito) Meriño

Created 26 years ago, the Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso (CNCMA) is now a leading institution in the country because it has a team of professionals who provide the patient with a careful service, where the most advanced technology and a highly qualified staff combine to offer the best care in these procedures.

In an interview with CubaPlus magazine, the Center’s Founding Director, Dr. C. Julián Francisco Ruiz Torres, gave a broad outline of the institution he represents. He explained that as well as the Centro de Educación de Postgrado del Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas, dedicated to training, educating and certifying national and foreign medical specialists in basic and advanced techniques of minimal access surgery, it is a Science and Technological Innovation Unit in charge of preparing and executing research projects and/or controlled studies for the evaluation of technologies and patents in the field of endoscopic surgery.

Cirugía Mínimo Acceso, Leader in Central America and the Caribbean

It is important to point out, added the also head of Grupo Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso, that the institution has state-ofthe- art technologies to develop its work, so it is on a par, in the world, with great development and future prospects in this type of surgery.

When answering a question about the interventions that can be performed by the center through minimal access surgery, Dr. C. Ruiz explained that they have equipment and departments for Gastroenterology (Endoscopic Therapeutics in Digestive Tract), Urology, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Reconstructive Surgery, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neurosurgery, Otolaryngology, Imaging (Interventional Radiology), Pathology, Microbiology, Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology.

For this specialist, whose life has been dedicated almost entirely to his profession, in its years since creation the CNCMA has achieved important results such as the development of multi- and interdisciplinary teams of different specialties that join their efforts in order to achieve the appropriate treatment of the patient. Also in those years they were able to promote teaching in minimally invasive surgery, based on the experience achieved by their medical staff and have a training area perfectly equipped for these purposes, as well as the development of advanced minimally invasive surgery, which includes solid organ surgery and endoscopic surgical treatment of cancer.

Regarding the patients who can be treated at the centre, he explained that both nationals and foreigners can access the services. In the case of Cubans, those referred by the national assistance network, while foreigners through the office of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos or by contacting the Center, by e-mail or simply by calling the address, he explained.

“I believe that Minimally Invasive Surgery is a new way of treating the surgical patient, thus constituting a paradigm shift with a very promising present and future in the hands of our youth who are already making headway with the work of our institution,” he concluded.

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