CNEURO, Notable support to the health system in Cuba

CNEURO, Notable support to the health system in Cuba

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By Roxana Consuegra / Photos: José (Tito) Meriño

The Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba (CNEURO) is the institution dedicated to the research, production and marketing of advanced technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, with active participation in the scientific technical exercise of the country for over three decades.


Currently they are incorporating a new line of research destined for the production of pulmonary ventilators, a different work profile from that developed by the center. The Proyecto Cubano Ventilador de Emergencia (PCUVENTE) model NV1.0 is in the process of nonclinical trials prior to medical examinations with real patients. Later their certification will be evaluated by the Centro para el Control Estatal de Medicamentos, Equipos y Dispositivos Médicos (CECMED).

Destined for adult patients in a sedated state or on low level sedation with respiratory difficulties, the PCUVENTE is a piece of automatically functioning electrical equipment with battery backup in case of energy deficit, and that also can be maneuvered in case of extreme need by hospital care staff.


To conduct the project there is a multidisciplinary team led by the head of the Electronics Department of the Development Directorate, MSc. Ernesto Velarde Reyes. The development group is made up of engineers in telecommunications, biomedicine, automation, electronics, mechanics, designers, intensive care doctors and self-employed workers, who belong to different institutions such as the Oficina Nacional de Diseño (ONDI) and Unión de Industrias Militares, among others. In this way, CNEURO is playing a leading role dealing with the current demand produced by the epidemiological situation facing the world and the country, that must find solutions with existing resources to guarantee that necessary supplies for intensive care patients will be available.

Immersed in this new task since March 2020, its launch is expected in October of this year, which will allow CNEURO to contribute with remarkable efficiency to the stability of the Cuban health system. Its General Director, the neuroscientist and Prof. Mitchell Joseph Valdés Sosa stressed to CubaPlus magazine that this phase has been characterized by its generosity.

“Many scientists have shared their knowledge through open source. They have received significant donations from the European Union, from agencies, societies, they have even collected funds via online from sectors like Cubans resident in the UK. It has been, without doubt, an event marked by international cooperation.”

Dr. Mitchell Joseph Valdés Sosa Managing Director / Email: Telephone: +53 7263-7112

Dra. Thais Díaz de Villalvilla Ramón Deputy Director General of Commerce / Email: Telephone: +53 7263-7138

Address: Calle 190 # 19818 e/ Ave 25 y Ave 27 Playa, La Habana, Cuba. Telephone: +53 7263-7100 / Email: