Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, CSMC S.A.

Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, CSMC S.A.

Health & Medicine

By Dr.Jorge Miranda Quintana President of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos (CSMC S.A.)

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos (CSMC S.A.) is a Cuban organization that markets Cuban medical services, offering people the opportunity of finding the way to obtain health care in Cuba.

Our health services cover more than 150 personalized medical programs, including:

- Medical check-ups (personalized by program and on request)

- Dental checkups

- Surgeries (including bariatric, minimal access and aesthetics)

- Physical rehabilitation

- Care and attention for the elderly (including courses for caregivers)

- Emergency and rescue

- High technology (cardiovascular, neurology, cancer care and others)

- Biotechnological products (vaccines against lung cancer, heberprot P, streptokinase, recombinant human erythropoietin, monoclonals, interfe rons etc.)

- Organ and tissue transplants (kidney, cornea, skin, bone, etc.)

- Implants (cochlear, pacemaker, etc.)

- Treatment for addictions (predetermi ned and customized programs)

- Prosthetic treatments (valvular, ortho pedic, vascular, etc.)

We offer customized programs adapted to individual or group requests for people with diagnosed illnesses, those who are at risk or who have recurring health problems. Patients either refer themselves or are referred institutions such as insurers, companies, clinics, hospitals, travel agencies, private or government institutions, religious or charitable organisations etc who are interested in contracting health services in Cuba.

We have access to all the expertise of Cuba’s National Health System, recognized for its achievements in national programs, contributions to medical care across the world as well as an alliance with a recognized biotech/ pharmaceutical industry and the Ministry of Tourism. We have a wide network of hospitals and specialized institutes located across the country’s 14 provinces, equipped with diagnostic and treatment technologies to undertake high-value medical procedures, including local techniques (treatment of retinitis pigmentosa and neurological rehabilitation). We have highly qualified professionals and members of numerous international medical societies with a proven track record of performance and competence that guarantees high level medical care.

Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, CSMC S.A.Every year we treat people who come to Cuba combining vacation with medical and quality of life programs, or who travel exclusively to benefit from the experience, performance and competence of Cuban health professionals. The Cira García Clinic in Havana is our most experienced unit with a long history of international medical care, a leader in surgical services particularly orthopedics (spine, including pediatric, plexus, hip, knee and others).

We offer minimally invasive surgery in excellent conditions designed in line with the practices of the National Center for Minimal Access Surgery, whose professionals have trained in the best global medical centers, including Europe and the United States and have demonstrated their competence across many different surgical specialties including: general, minimally invasive, neurosurgery, urology, digestive endoscopy, bariatric and others. The center has four individual rooms available to patients who need to be admitted.

Large-scale rehabilitation services are offered at the Julito Díaz Rehabilitation Hospital, which has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of children and adults and now boasts new, effective equipment including rehabilitation pools and novel therapeutic techniques.

The International Center for Neurological Rehabilitiation (CIREN) offers further specialized services, with an intensive in-house method for neurological rehabilitiation included in among many restorative health services.

Our Ophthalmology Services have demonstrated their efficiency with millions of people operated in Cuba and abroad and we have created the best conditions to face and resolve cases, of which we have a waiting list. No matter how long this list, we deal with each case, one by one, with the strong support of our local International Center for Retinitis Pigmentosa, winner of several international awards for its good practices.

We have access to the services of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital, recognized as a third level hospital in terms of adult treatment in Cuba, equipped with the most modern technologies and professionals with proven competence and performance.

This hospital has the most modern methods of cancer treatment, and together with the National Institute of Oncology and Radiotherapy (INOR) is a pioneer in treating various types of this disease, including the use of leading national production monoclonals as therapeutic vaccines for malignant cancers.

In these times of population aging we have the advantage of having a Care Center for the Elderly (CITED), linked to the centennial hospital Calixto García, which makes biological, psychological and functional assessments of the elderly, educates the family and helps them with social inclusion.

In addition, we have great expertise at the Cira García Clinic and the Frank País Hospital for surgical treatment for hip, knee and arthroscopy prostheses.

We have the La Pradera hotel/hospital with 150 comfortable, spacious rooms that can accommodate a companion alongside the patient and boast twenty-four hour medical services, diagnostic imaging, laboratories, clinical neurophysiology, hemodialysis (three FRESENIUS artificial kidneys), restaurants, swimming pools, ambulances, Internet services, pharmacy, events area and other facilities.

The center coordinates medical programs with all hospitals and institutes in Cuba.

We also have villas for addiction rehabilitation where treatment is given by experts with more than 20 years of experience, in an integrative and healthy social environment.

Cuba’s impressive results in maternal and child health care make it a regional and global leader, with recognized pediatric and maternal hospitals across the country.

Our broad development in cardiology care has led to the establishment of five cardiovascular surgery centers where a variety of techniques in valve replacement, coronary revascularization, ablation and other very new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are practiced.

The National Institute of Workers’ Health (INSAT) and other institutes and hospitals in Cuba invite you to evaluate a number of medical and assistance options, as well as programs for the identification, evaluation and control of individual and occupational risks, including academic activities aimed at promoting and recovering the health of the worker.

Cuba’s Medical Universities are recognized for their success in training professionals for the country and for the world. We have trained thousands of doctors, nurses, dentists, graduates in health specialties and we host postgraduate and scientific events, popular among professionals.

That is why we invite you to evaluate the great opportunity our universities offer, with careers in health sciences as well as short courses aimed at young doctors, students of medicine, dentistry, psychology and nursing. Events are organized to combine with attractive tourism packages in Cuba’s best cities.

Operating in these cities are 13 Medical Universities with branches of Cuban Medical Services that tailor courses to requests.

We have new programs for scientific events of interest to health science organizations that foster exchange with Cuban colleagues, as well as special programs for wellness and quality of life care, including interesting thermal centers with medicinal properties and the care of highly trained professionals.

We draw on access to all the educational and assistance institutions of the Cuban health system to provide the services requested.