CSMC S.A., keeping up with the times

CSMC S.A., keeping up with the times

Health & Medicine


The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. (CSMC S.A.) is the body in charge of promoting and commercializing different health programs for international tourism and, in view of the epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19, it is at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic and its aftermath, since it has already created recovery programs for people who have suffered from the terrible virus.

CSMC S.A., keeping up with the times

To publicize these programs, CubaPLUS Magazine interviewed Dr. Ileana Reyes, Head of Sales of the institution’s Health Tourism, which includes medical care —treatments for various diseases— and wellbeing and quality of life.

At present, said the specialist, SMC maintains its traditional programs, that is to say, the leading services which include immunological therapies for cancer, addiction treatment programs -alcoholism and drugs, neurological restoration, ophthalmology, diabetic foot treatment, hightech minimum access surgeries and cosmetic surgery, among others.

Evidently, she continued, the pandemic has changed the international panorama from all points of view. Countries are turning to the improvement of their healthcare system and touristreceiving countries, such as the case of Cuba, are looking for a different approach in terms of health for a safe destination.

“For this reason, SMC is reinforcing its well-being and quality of life program in alliance with the Ministry of Tourism to turn our hotels and all the sector’s facilities into safe places,” she said.

CSMC S.A., keeping up with the times

“In addition to enjoying sun and beach,” she added, “foreign visitors will have the pleasure of a vacation in our country with the certainty that they will not get sick and, at the same time, they will be able to take actions allowing them to improve their health.”

Due to the experience accumulated by our professionals, Dr. Reyes added, we are preparing specialized teams focusing on quality of life in hotels of groups like Meliá and Gran Caribe, and with tour agencies such as Havanatur and Cubatur.

For that purpose, a series of post COVID-19 rehabilitation programs are being developed, specifically for those who have suffered from the disease and have ongoing symptoms.

These programs, she explained, consist of two phases. The first is an evaluation of the patient’s physical and psychological state and, according to the results, development of a personalized plan which can range from the recovery of respiratory system functions to recovery of the lost physical and neurological functions, and the psychological traumas caused by the living conditions forced onto the patient due to the pandemic, or the fears and worries suffered during the disease.

In essence, she said, it is a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, as much for people who have suffered from the disease as for those who have been psychologically affected by the way of life imposed by the pandemic.

Clinical trials are also being carried out with the use of cellular medicine for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis that may have affected a patient as a consequence of covid.

All of this, she added, stems from the national post covid program, a disease classified as systemic, which includes everything from treatment and cure to recovery. Finally, she referred to the clinical trials being carried out with the five Cuban vaccine candidates: SOBERANA 01 and 02, Abdala, Mambisa and SOBERANA PLUS, of which SOBERANA 02 and Abdala are in phase III, and pointed out the certainty that when these vaccines are registered and the national immunization needs are met, assessment can be made of the requests from people wanting to visit Cuba and get vaccinated.


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