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By: Mercedes Ramos - Photos by José Tito Meriño

Located on the magnificent Tarara Beach, only a 15 minute ride from downtown Havana, the Tarara International Clinicis the place to go for those who need rehabilitation and qual ity of life treatments in a tranquil setting.

Cuba Medical ServicesCreated in 2008 and run by Cuban Medical Services, the international clinic offers appropriate health technology and, of course, the services of a highly qualified professional team.

In an interview with the director, Dr. Gilberto Roque, we asked about the admission process. "During the first 48 hours in the center, a multidisciplinary team performs a general evaluation to learn the state of the patient's health and the treatment to follow".

Cuba Medical Services"The following stage comprises the treatment itself, performed according to the patient's needs and the time available, which can range from 7 days to three or more months."

"We have four treatment sections: One for rehab with different exercise devices, another based on traditional natural medicine, one with equipment for electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and magnetic therapy beds, as well as treatments with medicinal mud and liquid paraffin. We consider the beach the most attractive for all patients, and it is where we apply thalassotherapy and somatotherapy (seawater medical treatment and sand activities)".

Cuba Medical Services"The 24-hour clinic also provides services for children with psychomotor and other problems. There are specialized paediatric wards and a toy l ibrary available with all kinds of toys for therapeutic games".

"It is important to note that the medication needed for each treatment is administered while the patient remains in the center" added Roque.

The clinic, located in Villa Armonia within Tarara City, has four treatment buildings located less than 100 metres from the 40 comfortable residences designed for a maximum of 242 patients.

Cuba Medical ServicesThe villa offers a restaurant, which can not only meet the patient's treatment needs, but their national culinary tastes as well.

If you wish to combine first-rate medical treatment with a pleasant stay at a Cuban beach, you cannot do better than the Tarara International Clinic, a place you will not wish to leave.