Effective Biological Rodenticide

Effective Biological Rodenticide

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It is important to keep rats and mice out of households and surrounding areas, as well as from orchards and farmlands to prevent transmission of disease and damage to crops and property. Biorat, the biological rodenticide developed by Cuba’s LABIOFAM group, has so successfully slowed the spread of disease and economic loss by rat plagues that its use has been extended to various regions of the world.

Besides several territories in Cuba using this rodenticide to diminish infestation, there are twenty countries that have validated its effectiveness by applying it in sanitary campaigns. Cuba has cooperated in this regard with specialists in Nicaragua, where the population was gravely affected by leptospirosis.

The product, biodegradable and harmless to humans, was created by Labiofam experts in 1985 using the Salmonella Enteritidis, Danysz variety, lysine negative, phage type (PT) 6a as active agent. The mono pathogenic product is effective to fight rodents of the Muridae and Cricetidae families. One of its greatest advantages is that it produces an epizootic. Rats consuming Biorat infect the rest of the colony with their secretions, which increases the mortality rate.

Used for agricultural, urban and livestock objectives, Biorat is an effective alternative to chemical products, now widely rejected for world environmental endangerment.

With only two applications per year the rodenticide controls the vectors producing leptospirosis, bubonic plague, hantavirosis and many other life endangering diseases.

A plant is under construction next to LABIOFAM headquarters to produce Biorat, among other products.

Biorat has been produced for many years in Cienfuegos, Havana and Matanzas provinces. The technology has also been sent to Vietnam, which produces elevated amounts of the product with Cuban assistance. Five plants are also planned to be built in African countries due to the interest of their governments for the product.

During the First International LABIOFAM Congress in 2010, several of the research papers presented to the scientific community, validated the effectiveness of Biorat as a biological rodenticide.

The product continues to be studied for improvement as the specialists involved in the project intend to increase its qualities in the field of vector control.