EMCOMED. Computerization, word of the day

EMCOMED. Computerization, word of the day

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By Daniel Olmo / Fotos: José (Tito) Meriño

Computerization today constitutes a fundamental condition for any company to develop in the world, as it allows the efficiency and safety of productions and their management to be guaranteed.

This is precisely one of the tasks prioritized by the Empresa Comercializadora y Distribuidora de Medicamentos (EMCOMED). As put by the Informatics and Communications Director Hayber Yosvel López Moreno, “from the very creation of the company, our managers had a very clear vision of the need to computerize the organization, with secure systems to manage the logistics processes of the medicines”.

Computerization, word of the day

López Moreno, one of the founders of the organization, explained to CubaPlus magazine the hard work done in order to achieve an efficient system to modernize the work of distribution centers with advanced technologies for their operations, with two-dimensional or two-directional code readers, volumetric scanning and electronic invoicing systems that allow the elimination of paper in internal processes, as well as the automation of those currently carried out manually.

“Currently”, said the executive, “our company has 41 computer applications for the management of different activities, of which 18 were contracted and 23 were self-developed. At the end of this year we plan to conclude with 46: a new contract and four more developments”.

In this sense, López Moreno added: “We have a very important prerequisite for the contracted or developed applications consisting of integration with those that already exist, to avoid duplication in the information managed.”

He later signaled that in order to achieve the company’s goals in terms of development and implementation of applications, they have a total of 81 computer scientists distributed in the 21 units and the central office, who guarantee all activities related to TICs (Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones), through strict control of all interruptions at national level through a web portal, which they too have had to develop.

Computerization, word of the day

“This year EMCOMED reaches its 15th anniversary and in honor of this commemoration that concerns us all, we plan to launch a new data center, which will allow us to continue growing in applications, services and reinforcing questions of cybersecurity”, he said.

Regarding the work accomplished so far, López Moreno said that for this to have been possible they received help from companies such as TECNOMÁTICA, ETI and Mistral Caribe Holding SA, with whom they maintain excellent relationships and to whom they remain grateful for their unconditional support.

With respect to the future of EMCOMED in this field, the specialist expressed that they have a computerization strategy up to 2022, when they will have to project a further period of development.

“By that date we will already have to update many features, but we will not stop and will continue to do new things based on the vision of our company, since our fundamental commitment is to the health of the people, which requires every effort or sacrifice”, he assured

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